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Purchase information of melt blown cloth

      year      month    -The purchase information of Henan Huibo Medical Co., Ltd. is as follows:
Id Name Specifications Width Total(Including 13% special tickets including transportation) Number(kg) Remarks
The demander promises:
        1.After receiving the goods for inspection, the buyer shall receive the goods and store them for 5 working days. If there is no problem in the quality of the re inspection, the buyer shall go through the warehousing procedures.
      2.After warehousing, the supplier shall issue an invoice, and the buyer shall settle the payment within 3 working days after receiving the invoice.
If you are willing to supply, please download the attachment and fill in the form and send it to the person in charge of purchasing department:wangzhihui@hbmed.cn

Count the quantity that can be supplied the next day before 17:00 p.m. every day. Please submit it before 17:00 p.m. thank you!

DownloadPurchase list filling form