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Zhengzhou Xianshi Times Health Management Co., Ltd.

     Zhengzhou Xianfang era Adhering to the health concept of “prevention first, healthy home”, we have gathered the clinical experience of the parent company Henan Huibo Medical for 19 years. Through continuous research and development and innovation, we have developed scar prevention, varicose veins, diabetic foot and sports protection. Great feature health area. The first prevention era provides daily family health protection knowledge by integrating relevant expert resource services, medical data management analysis, open online and offline channels, and combining APP and WeChat public number to meet daily family wound protection and nutritional support. We can do private health customization and post-hospital rehabilitation physiotherapy for different groups of people, and strive to become a national high-end health prevention and rehabilitation management platform.
      Zhengzhou Xianfang era The health management company was established by the listed company "Henan Huibo Medical Co., Ltd. (stock code 838460, national high-tech enterprise)", was established in May 2018, plans to invest 20 million, is a family health care focused on chronic diseases And post-hospital rehabilitation as the leading service platform. Use the "Internet + Health Consulting + Product Services" model to provide innovative services to patients. The company has complete qualification certificates, and has obtained the "Internet Drug Information Service Qualification Certificate" approved by Henan Food and Drug Administration, Zhengzhou Food and Drug Administration approved "Second Class Medical Device Business Recording Certificate" and "Food Management". The License and the Value Added Telecommunications Business License approved by the Henan Provincial Communications Administration.
      Since its establishment, the company has gathered professional elites in the field of medical health, using advanced information technology, management methods and industry experience to create an online health service operation platform with core competitiveness. The company has a reasonable talent structure and rich experience. The company has nearly 50 employees, with an average age of 30 years old. 80% of them have bachelor degree or above (including 13 graduate students), and they are a young and professional high-efficiency team.
      The company has always adhered to the customer-oriented, market-oriented, quality-based, continuous improvement and optimization of service standards, relying on the existing professional academic service team to provide users with integrated services before, during and after sales. Constantly embark on the road of high-quality innovation and development, create benchmarks and models in the field of big health, help the Chinese dream, and serve the new era!