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Party building

    Huibo Medical actively responded to the call of the party and the state to strengthen the construction of the non-public enterprise party. After being approved by the Lihe Township Party Committee of the Wancheng District of the Communist Party of China, the establishment of the party branch was approved on March 15, 2018. As of June 2020, the company has 503 on-the-job staff, 47 CCP members, 11 party activists, and 6 party groups. After the election, one party branch secretary and two party branch members were elected. The party branch actively strengthens team building, insists on strict management, encourages party members and cadres to work hard, raises their sleeves to work hard, and improves the comprehensive quality of party members and cadres as an important starting point, and standardizes the education and management of party members.
    In accordance with the rapid development of the company's business, Huibo Medical's party branch upgrades and adjusts the party organization structure in a timely manner. According to the number of party members and regional distribution, the party organization is flexibly established based on the product line, business department, project team, etc. to achieve "business development" Wherever it is, party organizations will be built wherever possible", which has effectively covered party building work.
    In view of the fact that the average age of the party members of the employees is low, the education is high, the thinking is active, and the mobility is strong, there are practical difficulties in the organization of life, such as the difficulty of unifying the time and the geographical dispersion. The party branch of Huibo Medical uses "Internet +" thinking, through "face-to-face" and "key The combination of "keys", while organizing party members offline to carry out normal organizational life, through remote technology, online video and WeChat push, hold "three meetings and one lesson" in real time in different places, realizing "double synchronization" of party member education online and offline .
    Promoting the two-way integration of party building work and enterprise development is the focus of Huibo Medical Party Branch. Today, the party branch is becoming the "vanguard" leading the development of Huibo Medical, and the party members have become the "main force" to overcome difficulties. More than 80% of the newly-developed party members in the company are team leaders or technical backbones, which not only achieves the forging goal of "party members are the backbone and the backbone is the party members", but also achieves the effect of "party building, pooling talents, and talents leading innovation".