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      Huibo Medical adheres to the concept of " recommend and promote the person as long as he has virtue and talent", advocating the "based on the striver’s spirit, proud of contributors" to constantly improve the employment mechanism, constantly recruiting the elites of the industry, all of which cultivate a knowledgeable, cultural, responsible, and innovative team of talented people. The company has created Huibo Medical's unique "Life Community" corporate culture, and built a Huibo Medical with "Technology, Health, Fashion, Vitality", allowing employees to feel the warmth like at their homes. It retains employees by offering good careers, remuneration and culture. Let they develop side by side with Huibo then promote themselves together.

     Every month, the company organizes a variety of cultural activities, such as various sports activities and knowledge contests, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees, enhancing team cohesion, enriching the spirit of the enterprise, improving the company's comprehensive competitiveness, and providing employees with a self-expression. A shining stage that interprets self-passion.

     Both good working environment and scientific and comprehensive salary and welfare provide employees with competitive compensation, ensuring that every employee is fully motivated.
◆Monthly performance bonus
◆R&D bonus
◆Annual bonus
◆Various welfare, subsidies: transportation, food, heating, cooling
◆Paid annual leave
◆Five insurances and public housing fund
◆Staff dorms
◆two-day weekend, statutory holidays

Growing up
1. Adopt a one-to-one tutor system, a full-scale rotation system and career paths to create a clear growth path.
2. Vertical development management sequence: reserve cadre--supervisor--manager--deputy general manager-general manager of the branch
Vertical Development Professional Sequence: Laboratory Technician - Technician - Assistant Engineer - Engineer - Deputy Director Engineer - Chief Engineer
3. Fully integrate resources to provide diverse training and achieve training results
The company has perfected the training plan system, internal special training, self-development learning, expatriate study and research, quality development training, and high-level in-service academic education to ensure that each employee has sufficient opportunities to learn and grow.
◆Inside/external lecturer training
◆Visit inspection
◆ Job rotation
◆Expanding training
◆Learning in another place