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Henan Huizhi Medical Textile Technology Co., Ltd

     Henan Huizhi Medical Textile Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and is affiliated to Henan Huibo Medical Co., Ltd. (stock code: 838460). It is an innovation medical company which is specialized in R&D, production , sales and service for pressure therapy and intelligent device products. 
     Huizhi Medical Textile adopts advanced German equipment and has a strong team of doctors and designers. After years of technological innovation, the company has developed a series of products such as compression socks, pressure garments and smart devices. It is a regular medical device approved by the State Food and Drug Administration. It has obtained many international quality system certifications such as ISO13485, CE, etc., and is in the position of industry leader in product design and quality control.
     The company's products are used in daily care and rehabilitation treatments in the fields of vascular surgery, general surgery, oncology, etc., and are widely sold in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and exported to more than 10 countries including Pakistan, South Korea, Germany, and the United States.
     Huizhi Medical Textile adheres to the core values of “Respect, Trust, Gratitude, and Confidence”. The team concept of “passion, honesty, sunshine and altruism” is guided by market demand, driven by scientific and technological innovation, and comprehensive quality management. Support, build benchmarks and models in the field of big health, help to push the Chinese dream and serve the new era.