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Belgium H&Zedical S.A

    Belgium H & Zedical S.A (abbreviation: H & Zedical) is an international enterprise focusing on the development, production, sales, technical output and operation management services of high-end intelligent rehabilitation equipment. It is located in Brussels, Belgium.
    H & Zedical has two major production and operation bases, H & Zedical (International) and H & Zedical (China), which radiates the entire Europe with an international bridgehead, implements the international leading-edge organization management system, standardized production system, and quality management system to provide the market with accurate, safe and efficient Intelligent rehabilitation equipment drives the European and Chinese markets with international brand effects.
    H & Zedical, as the global leader in overall solutions in the field of rehabilitation medicine, provides customers with professional technical output and operation management output. More than 30 rehabilitation experts will provide on-site guidance to provide professional guarantee for clinical applications. The international rehabilitation learning bridge built with ALP Academy (Dutch International Rehabilitation Education Institute) and THIM University provides academic services such as advanced degree, basic theory and practical training for rehabilitation therapists worldwide. Through the Internet of Things and other information technologies, a health cloud data platform has been built to connect hospitals, equipment, and patients to achieve seamless integration of different types of disease assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation, and form a interconnected and interconnected data network for rehabilitation medicine.
    H & Zedical adhering to the business philosophy of "rehabilitation for one person, happiness for the whole family", to meet the humanized comprehensive rehabilitation medical needs of patients from hospitals to communities to families, provide convenient and efficient systematic rehabilitation medical management services, and help people achieve through the power of rehabilitation Healthy and beautiful life.