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Enterprise development stamina
     Huibo Medical regards technological innovation as the driving force for enterprise development. It insists that 15% of the annual revenue will be invested in the research, technological transformation and platform construction of new products, so that all employees, can innovate wholeheartedly. Upholding the R&D concept of “come from clinical cases and serve the whole world”, the company has successively established four provincial-level R&D platforms, including academician workstations, engineering technology research centers, engineering laboratories, and post-doctoral research and development bases. Combined with “Changchun Applied Chemistry Institute” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it built a joint R&D center to enhancing the independent innovation capability of enterprises with strong support. At the same time, it cooperated with a number of expert teams at home and abroad in the form of cooperative research and joint development to achieve talent-introducing with flexibility. At present, It has applied for 133 national patents and has granted 50 patents, including 8 invention patents, 39 utility model patents, 3 appearance patents, and 3 international CPT patent protections. It has won 8 provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements, and the two research and development projects have been listed in the selection of the national “13 Five-Year Plans” key R&D plan. After obtaining ISO13485, EU CE, it passed the intellectual property management system certification in 2018. At present, the products with independent intellectual property rights have been sold to more than 40 countries and regions around the world. Huibo Medical broadens the road with innovation, which make the science and technology develop rapidly, occupying commanding elevation point of new technologies in this industry.
     The company has a professional, solid, united, energetic technology research and development team, a management team with modern management awareness, and a progressive and professional marketing team. The average age of employees is 31 years old, 31 have a master degree or above, and 58 have a bachelor degree or above. By establishing “cadre study classes” within the enterprise, and selecting business backbones to form “Youth learning and growth course” and other forms, Huibo formed a sound talent training mechanism and created a strong reserve talent team for enterprise development.

Development prospects
     The company will continue to strengthen its investment in the field of wound treatment products. Based on the existing wound dressings, it will develop into high-end products  field. It will combine stem cell technology with medical wound repair technology to develop tissue engineering materials and develop a series of cosmetic products for extracellular matrix. Cooperating with the electronic device equipment for wound treatment, it has formed a comprehensive and large-scale competitive advantage in this field. At the same time, in order to comply with the general trend of medical reform, enterprises will rely on chronic-wound repair products to enter the primary medical institutions market, and actively develop bedside equipment and external dressings that adapt to the channels. In the next two years, we will strive to form a two-pronged link between wound repair and primary medical institutions, and “high and low combined, professional and ordinary complement”.

Market prospects
     Henan Huibo Medical Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of functional (high-end) medical biological dressings in the field of wound repair. Functional wound dressing not only keeps the wound moist, but also promotes wound healing and relieves pain. It is the future development trend of the medical dressing industry and has strong competitiveness. At present, China's traditional medical dressing industry accounts for about 80% of the total, occupying a dominant position in the market.
     Relying on the company's technology research and development capabilities and product advantages, according to the enterprise planning and development strategy, with the help of undetermined market demand for domestic medical dressings in the next few years, the development of emerging markets and the continuous expanding market scale of high-end medical dressings, Huibo Medical will continue to grow steadily and occupy an increasingly important position in domestic new wound dressing market.