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Development history

In 2019

  • March2019

    Huibo purchased Henan Shenfang Intelligent Rehabilitation Equipment Co.,Ltd.
  • February2019

    Huibo Medical successfully declared Henan Enterprise Technology Center.
  • January2019

    Huibo Medical was awarded the title of “Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”.
    Huibo Medical Labour Union won the National title of "Model Worker's Home"

In 2018

  • December2018

    The first job competition of Huibo Medical was successfully held.
    The Medical Dressing Division won the title of “Safety Demonstration Team” awarded by Henan Provincial “Ankang Cup” Competition Organizing Committee Office.
    Huibo Medical was awarded as a demonstration unit for the open and democratic management of factory affairs in Nanyang City.
    Huibo Medical carried out poverty alleviation activities named “Huibo alleviates poverty and solve difficulties, bringing warmness and harmony into the thousands of familes”.
  • November2018

    Chairman Zhu Tiangang was awarded Nanyang City "Technology Entrepreneur" honorary title
  • October2018

    Henan Huiyuan Special Medical Use Formula Food Co., Ltd.(subsidiary company) won the "Excellence Award" of the 3rd Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Nanyang City.
    Huibo Maker Space Functional Materials Innovation Team won the “third prize” of the third innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Nanyang City.
    Huibo Medical launched human resources reform project.
    Huibo Medical was invited to attend the 80th well-known CMEF in Shenzhen.
  • September2018

    Guochang Village had granted us a silk banner “Care about people, alleviate poverty”.
    Huibo was regarded as “Employment trainee units for college and technical secondary school graduates”.
    Chairman Zhu Tiangang attended the Sixth People's Congress of Nanyang City as a member of the Standing Committee of Nanyang Municipal People's Congress.
  • August2018

    Huibo Medical signed cooperation agreement with Hefei Institute of Material Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
    Henan Huiyuan Special Medical Use Formula Food Co., Ltd.(subsidiary company) successfully passed the national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises for the record.
    The 3rd Extraordinary general meeting in 2018 was held successfully.
    [Prevent in advance Times] The great online mall launch ceremony was held.
    The 17th meeting of the first board of directors and the 7thmeeting of the first board of supervisors were held successfully.
  • July2018

    The 2nd Extraordinary general meeting in 2018 was held successfully.
    The groundbreaking ceremony for the social flag construction project was held.
    Chairman Zhu Tiangang accompanied the provincial party secretary Wang Guosheng to participate in the 2018 China (Henan) Air Silk Road series of economic and trade activities.
    TUV new product--the negative pressure drainage protection system set gained CE certification.
  • June2018

    The branch committee of the CPC Henan Huibo Medical Co., Ltd. was officially unveiled.
    Huibo Medical was awarded the provincial trauma medical device mobilization center.
  • May2018

    The 2017 shareholders' meeting was held successfully.
  • April2018

    The party branch of the CPC Henan Huibo Medical Co., Ltd. was approved.
    The first "Youth Learning and Growth Class" was officially launched.
    Huibo Medical obtained the national science and technology type SME storage code.
  • March2018

    Huibo Medical was granted "Innovative Enterprise of Medical Device Industry in Henan Province in 2017" by Henan Medical Device Chamber of Commerce.
  • February2018

    Huibo Medical successfully held the “First Summit Forum of Henan Wound Recovering Medical Specialized Maker Space”.

In 2017

  • December2017

    Huibo Medical and Nanyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine established a “Nutrition Treatment Center”.
    The start-up ceremony of the business unit management system and the appointment ceremony of unit leaders were held.
  • June2017

    Huibo Medical's wholly-owned subsidiary “Henan Huibo Medical Technology Holdings Co., Ltd.” was established.
  • May2017

    Huibo was granted “Wancheng District Talent demonstration enterprise”.
  • April2017

    Chinese Academy of Sciences Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry and Huibo Medical jointly established the “Research Center for Wound Repair Materials and Regenerative Medicine”.
  • February2017

    Huibo Medical’s "wound repair medical specialized maker space" was approved Henan province specialized maker space.

In 2016

  • December2016

    Beijing R&D Center “Huibo Medical (Beijing) Medical Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd.” was established.
  • August2016

    "Huibo Medical" was officially listed in the "National Share Transfer System".
  • July2016

    The company's products have got the CE and ISO13485 certification of TUV.
    Huibo Medical was awarded “2014-2015 Annual Contract-Respecting and Credit-Reliable Enterprise” by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.
  • March2016

    Huibo medical finished listing Corporation equity division reform.
    The name was changed to “Henan Huibo Medical Co.,Ltd.” from “Nanyang Huibo Biology Technology Co.,Ltd.”

In 2015

  • December2015

    One of Huibo’s trademarks “Mama Paster” was recognized as "Henan Famous Trademark" by Henan Administration for Industry and Commerce
  • December2015

    Huibo Medical was awarded the post-doctoral research and development base in Henan Province
  • April2015

    Huibo Medical was awarded the wound repair device Henan Engineering Laboratory

In 2014

  • December2014

    Huibo Medical was awarded Henan Province Trauma Polymer Dressing Engineering Technology Research Center
  • June2014

    Huibo Medical was awarded the Henan Provincial Institute of Wound Repair and Scar Prevention Materials.
  • March2014

    “Mama Paster” postoperative caesarean paster was awarded “Nanyang famous industrial brand”.

In 2013

  • January2013

    The R&D center was established, marking Huibo went a step further to develop its independent research and development capabilities.


  • In 2012

    Huibo Medical was praised by Nanyang Municipal People's Government as the key backup for Nanyang's initial listed enterprises.

In 2011

  • September2011

    The self-investment construction covers an area of 33,000 square meters and a construction area of 46,000 square meters.
    Modernized, standardized new plant and office building were put into use
  • 2011

    Huibo Medical passed ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality system certification

In 2006

  • January2006

    Huibo Medical gainedMedical device production license

In 2005

  • July2005

    Huibo Medical was recognized as "high-tech enterprise" by Henan Science and Technology Department.