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Great Love without border

    Perform economic responsibilities to fulfill one's own nature, social responsibilities to fulfill one's human nature.
    Huibo Medical regards public welfare as its own responsibility. Over the years, the company has made many achievements in poverty alleviation, school assistance and poverty relief, and has contributed its greatest strength. It has donated materials and donations for public welfare organizations worth several million yuan. Huibo Medical explained the true meaning of "Great Love Without Borders" with practical actions and selfless dedication!
    (1) At the beginning of the establishment of the company in 2004, in such a difficult period of entrepreneurship, donated 3000 yuan worth of products to burned children in Nanshi Hospital affiliated to Henan University;
    (2) Donated 33,180 yuan in cash and 62,800 yuan in medicine for the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, totaling 95,980 yuan;
    (3) In 2011, donated 100 Bangerkang products to the burned elderly in Jilin Armed Police Corps Hospital;
    (4) Donated 10,000 yuan and burned trauma drugs for Yan Qianyu, a girl who saved her mother from the flames, in 2013;
    (5) On May 10, 2015, at the advent of the 23rd "National Day for the Disabled", with the strong call of the Nanyang Disabled Persons' Federation and the Women's Federation, the loving enterprises extended their helping hands, offered their love, and reported that the performance was successfully held , Our company has no obligation to return to participate in this event, and make a charitable donation to give a love to children with disabilities.
    (6) On August 14, 2015, donated more than 800,000 yuan worth of burns and scald products for Tianjin explosion, sent to Tianjin overnight, quickly distributed to major hospitals for use, Huibo adhering to "create wealth in the sun, give back to the society with gratitude "Thoughts, cheer for Tianjin.
    (7) In 2015, Golden Autumn Scholarship subsidized 6,000 yuan for poor college students.
    (8) In January 2016, the "Concentric Accurate Poverty Alleviation" project donated 30,000 yuan.
    (9) In 2016, the Golden Autumn Scholarship supported three poor college students.
    (10) In November 2017, Henan Huiyuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Henan Huibo Medical Co., Ltd., walked into the Nanyang Jinpeng Pension Center to visit the lonely elderly and send care and warmth. A gift of condolences for Huitianyuan protein nutritional meal worth 60,000 yuan was sent to the elderly.
    (11) In December 2017, Huibo Medical took care of poverty alleviation work and took care of poverty alleviation work in poverty-stricken villages in Guochang. The company signed a poverty alleviation agreement with Guochang Village in Gaomiao Township. Chairman Zhu Tiangang personally went to Guochang Village in Gaomiao Township in Wancheng District to console the poor households, provide jobs for the poor households in the village, provide assistance funds, and build a poverty alleviation factory. .
    (12) In August 2018, Huibo Medical Trade Union launched a donation activity for employees in need, and donated 17,713.66 yuan to Xia Yong children of company employees to help children with severe hearing impairment in both ears to undergo surgical treatment.
    (13) In September 2018, Huibo Medical Trade Union launched a donation activity of "True Love Extends Life, Love and Light Hope", donating 20,000 yuan to the laid-off worker Wang Xinsong and the company's self-developed balanced nutrient solution and bone peptide nutrient solution to help leukemia The patient conquered the disease and recovered his health.
    (14) On December 29, 2018, under the leadership of Comrade Zhu Tiangang, chairman of the company, Huibo Medical Party Branch conducted a poverty alleviation donation activity in Guanying Village, Tangzhuang Township, Sheqi County, Nanyang City. In recent years, Huibo Medical Company and the Party branch have attached great importance to helping the poor, and formulated practical and feasible assistance plans. They have provided assistance to the disadvantaged groups many times and through multiple channels to solve the life difficulties faced by the villagers in time. Tangzhuang Township has donated more than 100,000 yuan in cash and various necessities for life.
    (15) On January 31, 2019, Huibo Medical Gaogao Township provided poverty alleviation and sent poverty alleviation funds and warm winter materials to the vulnerable groups in this township. Hope they have a warm winter.
    Huibo's unremitting efforts in social welfare and philanthropy have won recognition and praise from all walks of life. The long-term dedication of love has been affirmed by all sectors of society. The Nanyang Charity Federation, Nanyang TV Station, and the "Charming Nanyang Trip" column team jointly awarded the honorary title of "Love Enterprise" to Huibo Medical.
    (16) Donate 10 charity posts in 2019
    (17) January 29, 2020-February 9, Huibo Medical donated 19 million yuan worth of bacteriostatic liquid and non-alcohol free foam to the mouth of Nanyang City Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters and Hospital Antibacterial hand sanitizer, 84 disinfectant, masks, forehead guns and other disinfection and medical protection supplies provide essential materials for anti-epidemic heroes in the battle.
    (18) In order to facilitate the safe and smooth return of school teachers and students, from April 16 to April 22, 2020, Huibo Medical donated to Wancheng District Education Bureau, Sheqi County Education Bureau and Nanyang Education Bureau. No anti-washing hand disinfectant worth 18 million yuan, medical surgical mask, environmental disinfectant and other epidemic prevention and control materials.
    (19) On June 22, 2020, Huibo Medical learned that the poor households in Weizhuang Village, Gucheng Township, Tanghe County, Nanyang City, Henan Province had sold unsuccessful fresh peaches, and purchased more than 1,300 cartons at a time to solve the problem of unsalable fresh peaches for poor fruit farmers.