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Building the top beams and pillars of the prison together to build a rich dream

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The middle-level management cadres are the pioneers of the group’s “second entrepreneurship”, the mainstay of the fight against the cross-flow, and the capable people of the group’s continuous development of glory.
Huibo Group's management cadres report on their work meeting was successfully held
        The middle-level management cadres are the pioneers of the group’s “second entrepreneurship”, the mainstay of the fight against the cross-flow, and the capable people of the group’s continuous development of glory. Only the pillars of the group can be firmly established, the heart can come together, the dream can be connected, and the strength Only by using them together and unifying the thoughts on the same route can we set sail and realize the dream of Huibo. To this end, in order to more objectively evaluate management cadres’ ability to perform their duties, Huibo Group will help the company to more accurately select and deploy talents, and at the same time improve its competence and management thinking. "Win-win" management cadres were transferred to the debriefing meeting.

        At present, the group is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. It is a period of ascending over the hurdles and a period of opportunity for development. At the critical moment when these three phases are superimposed, we are clearly aware that the group must proceed on a team and strategic basis. Major upgrade, this is a new period of "second entrepreneurship". Mr. Yu Bing, the person in charge of the Group Administration Center who supervised and participated in the whole process, put forward requirements for the management cadres, hoping that middle-level management cadres should: stand tall, have a wide field of vision, have a large structure, and be pragmatic in doing things; be able to proceed from the perspective of management, Become the solver of the problem, the bearer of responsibility, and the creator of the cause.
        At the event site, a total of 8 management cadres carried out reports in sequence according to the process, carefully summarized the completion of the promotion internship period, shared the highlights and experience in the work, analyzed their own shortcomings, proposed improvement measures and action plans, and explained the next Work Plan. At the same time, the judges and guests made on-the-spot comments on the reports of management cadres, and clearly pointed out the direction of future work and management efforts.
        Zhu Tiangang, chairman of Huibo Medical Group, was specially invited to participate and raised ardent expectations for the management cadres of the whole group. He pointed out that the most important thing in this period is the problem of unifying thinking and ideology. We cannot gather our hearts and souls. It's just a disc of loose sand; if we can't fight bravely, our dreams will be empty dreams. In 2020, everyone has done a lot of work and put in a lot of effort, and achieved many breakthroughs in the company's business, and the results were hard-won. However, as leading cadres at all levels, we must always keep in mind that light money is enough to gather people, self-discipline is enough to convince people, generous is enough to win people, and leadership is enough to lead people. Leaders must set an example, and all departments must respect each other, trust each other, help each other, and support each other. The dream is as big as the heart is. I hope that the management cadres will clearly sort out the work goals from the strategic perspective of the company's next five-year plan, not limited to the existing achievements. At the same time, he uses his rich personal experience and broad experience to give everyone the confidence to grow. There are talents and talents, and we hope that every management cadre of Huibo will improve their work ability and work together to achieve a brilliant future for Huibo.
        Shumao originates from deep roots, and road Zheng originates from Xiang Zhun. We are more fortunate to choose a right direction and a path full of light. We must face challenges and seize opportunities. Grasp the development trend, recognize the complex situation, analyze the local situation, and strive to transform the new advantages and new achievements of the current group into new growth points in the new era, new stage, and new era, and move toward our clearer goals and greater goals. Strive forward to the dream of victory and better!