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Huibo Group's second phase of new employee induction training launched

Huibo Group's second phase of new employee induction training launched


        In order to help new employees understand the company culture, be familiar with the management system and code of conduct, adapt to and integrate into the company as soon as possible. The Human Resources Department of Huibo Group joined hands with Nanyang Center to jointly organize 30 new employees to participate in the second phase of Huibo Group's new employee induction training through a combination of online and offline methods.
Break the ice to find a companion, understand you, me and him
Slogan: First first, always first
        Meaning of the LOGO: The Unparalleled Team is composed of one man and five women. The central flower stamen symbolizes the only male player, and the five petals symbolize the five female players. Among them, the man is the senior leader of the group, and the five ladies are employees from different functional departments of the group. Five petals surround the stamen LOGO, which means that our Huibo employees will closely surround the group leadership team. With one heart and one mind, forging ahead into an unparalleled team, we will continue to strive for a better tomorrow for Huibo!
Slogan: Superman, Superman, Beyond Others
        LOGO meaning: LOGO replicates Superman's shield. We hope that each of us will come to the big family of Huibo with our original dreams and good hopes, and strive to make extraordinary achievements in our posts and be supermen in ordinary positions. Through every ordinary post superman, we will jointly promote the great development of Huibo.
        Meaning of the LOGO: The icon is combined with two similar concentric circles, which means that the team and the company are concentric.
My future is not a dream
Slogan: Let dreams shine into life
        Meaning of the LOGO: The double-winged heart-shaped pattern surrounds the word "Meng", which means that everyone joins the Huibo family with their dreams, becomes one of them, does not forget their original intentions, and always carries dreams forward.
Big coffee leads the way, teaches industry to solve puzzles
        Lecturers from different functions of the company gave lectures on corporate culture, function management system, company products, office software use topics, etc. The trainees listened attentively and recorded carefully. During the question-answering session, the students spoke freely, raised their doubts, and shared their understanding of the course, feelings and gains of work. In a harmonious atmosphere, everyone actively participated in the discussion and spoke freely. Combining my own feelings with the company's development, I expressed my desire to continue to make progress in the workplace, strive to realize my own value, and grow together with the company.