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Full name fire protection, safety first

Full name fire protection, safety first


——Huibo Medical Nanyang Center organizes fire safety and fire drill training
        In order to further improve the fire safety knowledge and fire fighting skills of all employees, on the afternoon of November 5th, the Nanyang Center of Henan Huibo Medical Co., Ltd. invited instructor Lan Yuanqi from the Zhongan Fire Service Center of Henan Province to hold fire safety knowledge training. Nanyang Center Nearly 200 people participated in this training.
(Instructor Lan explains fire safety knowledge)
(Instructor Lan demonstrates how to use the fire mask correctly)
        Instructor Lan used a combination of video playback and explanations. Taking the safety accidents that occurred in recent years as an example, he gave lectures on the causes of fires, how to prevent fires, basic knowledge of fire escapes, the correct use of fire extinguishers, and how to properly call the police. The important and practical significance of hidden fire safety hazards and usual prevention are explained, and the lectures are vivid and interesting.

(Instructor Lan demonstrates how to use fire extinguishers correctly)
(Employees actively participate in fire fighting drills)
         Through this fire safety training, all employees of Huibo Medical have a better understanding of fire safety knowledge and how to take corresponding safety measures in various accidents, so that everyone can gradually increase their safety awareness in daily work and life and be responsible for themselves. Be responsible for others, care for life, and play the song of life safety.