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Work together to build a better Huibo

Work together to build a better Huibo


        In order to create a clean, beautiful and comfortable factory environment, on October 21st, under the call of the company office, all the employees of the company carried out a thorough cleaning of the factory area and gave it a new look.
        The division of labor and cooperation showed full enthusiasm and positive state. They showed their dedication and were not afraid of being dirty or tired. All of them worked hard to clean up the long-formed weeds, fallen leaves, debris and other garbage. After everyone's hard work , The area after cleaning is clean and tidy, and the factory environment has been significantly improved.
        Although the collective sanitation cleaning is hard, it provides everyone with a clean office environment, improves everyone's awareness of hygiene, and makes everyone realize that work is not easy.
        In the future work, the company will continue to carry out sanitary cleaning activities to meet new challenges with a clean, hygienic and warm factory appearance, so that everyone can devote themselves to work with a fresh and happy mood.