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Noble competition is the source of all outstanding talents

Noble competition is the source of all outstanding talents


    Talent is the foundation of enterprise development. In recent years, Huibo Medical has closely focused on the talent concept of "promising talents, and more effective". It has continuously innovated in the mechanism of selecting, employing and educating people, closely integrating the company's development strategy, and market development changes. The actual situation of talent reserve, adhering to the principle of "the capable ones, the equal ones, the mediocre ones, fair, just and open", implement the talent strategy of internal activation and external introduction.

    On September 26, the internal competition for marketing director of the Fourth Center of Passive Marketing Center was held in Zhengzhou Longzihu office area. Group executives formed a jury panel and four elites competed fiercely, focusing on company strategy, market strategy, and departmental functions And personal advantages and many other aspects, on-site presentation of ideas, planning, and after the jury's comments and scoring, directly announced the results, the whole process is fair, open and just.

On-site photos of contestants

Part of the judges

    Chairman Zhu Tiangang pointed out in the summary: internal competition will continue to be a good way for the company to cultivate talents, creating more opportunities for young people, allowing employees to grow with the company while making progress and promotion. In the future, we will have For many management positions, the form of competitive employment will continue to be open to all Huibo colleagues.

Group photo of competitors