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Huibo Medical Organizes a Speech Contest with the Theme of

Huibo Medical Organizes a Speech Contest with the Theme of "Striving for the Struggle"


    On April 30, on the occasion of May 1st International Labor Day and May 4th Youth Day, inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition and patriotic spirit of the May 1st and May 4th movements. Guide our employees to continue to adhere to the "strive-oriented" spirit, based on their positions, and strive to be outstanding workers and strugglers of the times. After the company's leadership research and decision, a speech contest with the theme of "Striving for the Best" will be held.
     This event was jointly organized by Huibo Office and Huibo Party Branch. Leaders above the director level of Huibo and members of the party branch served as judges.

    "Happiness comes from struggle" "Struggle itself is a kind of happiness", General Secretary Xi Jinping used the powerful words at the 2018 Spring Festival group meeting to ignite the passion of hundreds of millions of people, the times call for the spirit of struggle, and praise the struggle Or, "struggle" has become the main theme of the moment.  

    Participants use simple, witty, solemn, or passionate ... language to tell stories related to struggle, express their understanding and perception of the struggle-oriented, they have different perspectives and different experiences And experience, presented a wonderful visual and auditory feast for everyone.
    After a round of exciting competitions, this session of the speech has come to an end. The participating judges affirmed the contestants. Marketing Manager Yang believes that this event is very meaningful and is a fair platform for self-expression. I hope Huibojia People will actively participate in the future, maintain their original intentions, and find the best state of struggle; General Manager Lu said that this speech seems to see the shadow of his youth, and it will become meaningful to stick to ordinary positions. Practical actions interpret people who are struggling; Party branch secretary Yang said: Everyone must have their own dreams, and the new era is the era of realizing dreams. To realize your dreams, everyone needs to respond to the call to struggle, cherish all the hard-won hardships of the moment, and integrate the fighting spirit into the post and daily life.
    At the same time, the little fairies of the Ministry of Finance and Accounting conducted serious and fair statistics of the contestants' results.
    First of all, the Deputy Chief Executive Tang awarded the third prize winners. They were Wang Tongle from the Quality Management Department, Tang Xiaoquan from the Biochemical Group and Cheng Xueyuan from the Electronic Machinery Group. Certificate of honor.
    Subsequently, the second prize winners of Secretary Yang of the Party branch presented the prizes. They were Yang Shuai and Cao Jingjing from the biochemical group, each of whom received one of the latest versions of Xiaomi bracelets and related honor certificates.
    Finally, the chairman of the board, Mr. Zhu Tiangang, presented the award to the first prize winner. She is Liu Yang from the Ministry of International Trade. She will receive the latest version of the Huawei bracelet and related honor certificates.
    All the participants took a group photo, everyone is awesome
    After the award ceremony, the chairman Mr. Zhu Tiangang said: We must learn to persevere, but also learn to enjoy the process of struggle, because struggle itself means passion, happiness and pride, let us Huibo people work together to turn the blueprint into reality, To push the company into a better future, I hope that all of us in Huibo can enjoy happiness in the struggle, reap the good life in the struggle, and write their own gorgeous chapter of struggle.
    This speech contest has continued and carried forward the spirit of our company's "struggler-oriented", spreading corporate culture, and practicing corporate spirit; aiming to further enrich the company's cultural life, cultivate all employees' passion for life and work, and create Strong working atmosphere and provide a learning and communication platform for employees to make progress together; improve everyone's speaking ability, enhance everyone's language expression ability, adaptability and stress resistance ability, give everyone a stage to show themselves and improve themselves. opportunity.