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Huibo employees from various departments went to Huaihua Island for team building activities

Huibo employees from various departments went to Huaihua Island for team building activities


The main force of youth, casting new glory
     2020 is an extraordinary year. An unexpected epidemic quickly swept the world. In the face of the spread of the epidemic, Huibo people gave up their holidays, stepped forward, acted quickly, determined to move forward, and entered this war without smoke. .
     Since the beginning of the epidemic, in order to ensure the supply of necessary materials for epidemic prevention, Huibo people have 24 hours of uninterrupted production, which provides a strong guarantee for anti-epidemic materials for resumption of production and resumption of production. The teachers and students returned to school safely and smoothly. Huibo people once again showed their responsibilities and donated materials for epidemic prevention and control to the education bureaus of Nanyang City and counties to fully support the epidemic prevention and control of the education system. As the main force of the company's survival and development, the young employees have worked hard during the epidemic and have been fighting on the front line of material security. They are not only our wealth, but also the cornerstone of the company's long-term development!

    Huibo people have experienced three months of hard work in their busy schedule. On April 27, on the occasion of May 1st Labor Day and May 4th Youth Day, Huibo Medical Office responded to the call of the Youth League Branch and specially organized employees from all departments At the Huaihua Island, the team building activities were carried out to bring the frontline employees closer to nature, which not only enriched their spare time, but also relaxed their minds and bodies.
    With the spring breeze, some employees gave up the opportunity to travel with colleagues, and still adhered to the front line, which gave other colleagues the opportunity to go out and integrate into the beauty of nature, which greatly relaxed the body and mind and effectively eased the tension and fatigue caused by the recent struggle status.
    In the barbecue activity, the employees showed great enthusiasm, and rushed to come up with their own "unique skills" to show their cooking skills. Everyone has laughter and laughter along the way, which enhances the communication and understanding between each other and enhances the team cohesion.
    The majority of young employees also expressed that they felt the warmth of the Huibo family and the concern of the Party and Labor Organization for the young people. They all expressed their views and will invest in the next work with a more responsible attitude.